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We are a young, dynamic and vibrant organization catering for the very specific marketing needs of the gaming industry.
Providing the solutions to three key demographics, the TC.ADS team consists of an elite group of talented professionals with a wealth of experience and online marketing knowledge to meet the individual requirements of our customer base in a fresh and innovative manner. Creativity is our trademark.

What Can We Do For You?
Connecting You With Your Target Market
Founded in 2003, we provide a complete marketing service to our clients from media buying, affiliate marketing to search engine optimization. Within this, each package is individually tailored to give a unique and exclusive service to achieve a seamless marketing arm to your core product.

We base all our products on tracking, mining and knowledge management technologies, while our systems include an ongoing learning procedure where all participants in the online media process can benefit from a shared knowledge and data pool which is constantly updated.

Furthermore, we have developed a total measured environment allowing you to overview and monitor our online activity in real time. The result: You can make fast, educated decisions based on an accurate account of the success and viability of the selected online activities.

Media Buying -
World wide internet media in USA, Europe, East Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

Search Engine Optimization -
We have an in-house SEM team of experts and strategically affiliate with dozens of SEO companies.

Pay per click advertising - Google adwords, Overture, Find what etc., we hire professionals with vast experience in the SE campaigns in all search engines in specific countries.

Affiliate Marketing-
We have strategic affiliations with websites and companies all over the globe and maintain day to day contact with hundreds of affiliates that we serve through our affiliate program & tracking system.

Local targeting content-
We developed a unique marketing model using local vertical-content portals as a part of our marketing activities.

Mail marketing.

Website conversion optimization.

Design and creative.

Technology and development.

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